been having a lot of trouble moving on lately. i didn’t know what i had.

Drink me away.
Call it coping.
Call it “I’m doing fine, I don’t need her.”
Call it college.
Call it an acceptable way to live your life.

Somewhere, under the vodka and the whiskey and the shame,
I know my voice is still in your head.
I know you won’t forget the way I looked at you.
I know you won’t forget how I told you were better than how you acted and truly believed it.

Drink me away.
You know I’ll be there still.

you won’t (via narcol-ptic)

(via narcol-ptic)

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i want to talk to you. i want to see you. i want to cuddle. i want to watch movies. i want to make out. i want all of these things, but i have no fucking clue if you do too. 

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But the reality is that you’re asleep and I’m about to rip open my own skin. It’s only 11:33 and I don’t know anymore (via nowlifegoeson)
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Never Walk Away on We Heart It.

I didn’t want you to feel blue so I got you purple flowers. my boyfriend (via saporosity)

(via saporosity)

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